Dating site matching algorithm

But these days, while still one of the biggest online dating sites, is just one of thousands of online dating sites.

For this week's View From The Top, s Lisa Mullins speaks with a leading figure in the online dating world about getting ahead and staying ahead in a competitive industry.

Match queries comprise much richer information than typical search.

Dating apps use attributes/preferences of people to match them together, HR uses matching to predict how well a job applicant's resume matches a job vacancy, banks use matching to predict fraud patterns.

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Some sites, like, allow users to specify how important each attribute is.

Twenty-seven dimensions of compatibility are looked at. You’ll realize how serious it is when you try to sign up for the site and you are met with 400 questions to answer before you can see a match.

I always say there is not one person on e Harmony with Attention Deficit Disorder because they would not make it through all the questions.

Each matching attribute is assigned a different weight depending on how important it is to the user.

For example, if you prefer blondes, but really have nothing against brunettes and redheads, then you can rank that attribute as very low.


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