C radiobutton validating

I wrote the javascript and able to hide the answers option if there is True or False then it will show me two selection to choose but for other i have 5 answers to choose. I want to hide radio option if there is no value in table colum. When a specified item is selected from the list box, the Perform Click method of another Radio Button is called.For example, you might want to have a list of colors that you store as RGBA values, but display them with color names in the UI. Validation is important part of any web application.The following C# program shows how to remove all white spaces from string using String Split Options. If you are coding in Visual C component extensions (C /CX), remove the Converter Parameter attribute from the last Text Block, because that particular string value is specific to Microsoft . Your entire element should look like this: Imports System. Public Class Recording Public Sub New() End Sub Public Sub New(By Val artist Name As String, By Val cd Name As String, _ By Val release As Date Time) Artist = artist Name Name = cd Name Release Date = release End Sub Private artist Value As String Private name Value As String Private release Date Value As Date Time Public Property Artist() As String Get Return artist Value End Get Set(By Val value As String) artist Value = value End Set End Property Public Property Name() As String Get Return name Value End Get Set(By Val value As String) name Value = value End Set End Property Public Property Release Date() As Date Time Get Return release Date Value End Get Set(By Val value As Date Time) release Date Value = value End Set End Property End Class Public Class Date Formatter Implements IValue Converter ' This converts the Date Time object to the string to display.Now let's go ahead and switch back to ASPX mark up.In this example I'm going to use a Java Script for validating the radio button to select one radio button at a time.

Add(New Recording("Brandi Carlisle", "The Story", New Date Time(2007, 4, 3))) My Music.If your String contains "dd-mm-yy", split on the "-" character to get an array of: "dd" "mm" "yy".The String Split method ignores any element of separator whose value is null or the empty string ("").Introduction A developer is asking how to select one radio button at a time if the radio button is inside the Grid View.As you may know setting the group name attribute of a radio button will not work if the radio button is located within a data representation control like a Grid View.To get started let's go ahead and fire up Visual Studio and then create a new web application / website project. The mark up would look something like this: If you notice I've added a templatefield column so that we can add the radio button there.


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