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In the year 1986, he often picked up the roles which were believed to be the defining moments of his career as “Pvt.Leonard Lawrence” in the movie called “Full Metal Jacket”.He gained pounds eating a lot of greasy and fat food, which is not so healthy and good for a person, but he had to do it in order to take up the role.Further, Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain might have happened because of his health problems, he is known for having migraines and exhaustion, so he could not work out in the state when his health was bad, because it would be physically impossible.Renee Zellweger speaks very highly of Vincent D'Onofrio.In a interview with the Director of The Whole Wide World she calls Vincent "The Greatest Teacher".The Law & Order: Criminal Intent star has been married to his second wife Carin van der Donk for 16 years and he can't believe the information he reads online about his status.He tells Blog Talk Radio.com, "My wife goes on there (online) occasionally and they still have us as not being married.

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He made his Broadway debut in “Open Admissions” as Nick Rizzoli.

He again went to play as Dawson in “Adventures in Babysitting” by his huge weight loss in just time of nine months.

, the two went swimming in the ocean and rubbed their faces and bodies on each other in Hawaii.

Of course, the last few years have seen the East Village turn into the Upper West Side, but that’s another sad, sad story.

The building, originally built as a settlement house for the poor and converted to luxury condominiums in 1986, has a long history of celebrity dwellers including the notorious Iggy Pop.


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