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March 10th, 2015 | 51 Min Jeff was co-founder at Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, and Discourse.For the past decade he’s been actively blogging at Coding Horror on topics like programming and web usability, as well as producing thousands of resources and insights for developers.It failed because you used the ENTIRE url rather than its short ID.There are three ways to post a You Tube video: BEST WAY: Enter only the 11-character ID part of the URL, highlight it, and hit the "you Tube" button to make Do you realize that right-clicking on the red underline presents you with correct spelling options from which you can choose?

Instead, online discussion forums have been promoted as a more effective way for teachers to communicate online (Anderson & Kanuka, 1997; Arnold & Ducate, 2006; Kanuka & Anderson, 1998; Mc Donald, 2008; Pappas, 2002; Winter & Mc Ghie-Richmond, 2005).It is intended that it should be a place where experiences can be shared in a safe, sympathetic and kindly manner.The Rules of the Forum are designed to ensure that members can be assured that such an environment is maintained.Unfortunately, the nature of the teaching profession as it stands today, with teachers spending a majority of their time either working with students in the classroom or performing administrative duties, often precludes real opportunities for instructors within the same department to collaborate.These characteristics have led many to portray teaching as a culture of professional isolation (Bakkenes, de Brabander, & Imants, 1999; Bodzin & Park, 1998; Mc Donald, 2008; Sachs & Smith, 1988; Schlagal, Trathen, & Blanton, 1996).If you were a member of the old forum you will need to re-register.


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