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She told Jimmy Fallon the words read 'one more time with feeling' which represents her mantra in life. This duo decided to get matching little tattoos on their hips, and they're super cute.While Kylie opted for a red inking of the phonetic spelling of the word "sanity", Hailey got "gente" (Portuguese for the word 'people') written on her upper thigh in ink.She is gobby, loud and confident but pretty laid back at the same time.She isn't afraid to bend the rules either - just like Louis.The heat is damp and stifling, the sound that fills the air at once distinctive and surreal.Hundreds of cut-throat razors are at work, scraping rapidly, in a hall packed with girls and women, like so many sheep at a shearing.

They are both hot.” Back to reality, Harry also admitted he’s worried former helmet-head Liam Payne has copied his own mop-headed masterpiece.PICTURES: Take a peek-a-boo at X Factor hopefuls’ baby pics ‘Frankie’s a dream woman for me. ‘I’ve met them all and they’re all really sweet, really cute guys. And when asked if he was possible date potential in the future, she admitted: ‘Yeah – well he’s got the long curly hair. ’ Even though the Saturdays haven’t been asked to perform new single Higher on the X Factor live shows, they will be back on Xtra Factor tomorrow night – but sadly Frankie said they won’t be meeting up with any of the contestants, leaving lovestruck Harry out in the cold.Despite Frankie’s encouraging words Harry’s hopes bagging Frankie sooner rather than later took the ultimate blow when she went on to admit she’d rather ‘look after’ the One Direction boys than date one of them.‘I kind of feel like I want to mother them a bit and just look after them,’ she said.It’s going to be a busy next month or so for the fivesome.As well as promoting their new single, they’ve also been chosen to perform an intimate gig for Breast Cancer Campaign in partnership with KIT KAT Senses.Miley popped a picture of her new inking on Instagram with the caption "permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer #libbjupiter" this week. Those rings makes it look a tad more like Saturn than Jupiter - but really, who cares?!


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