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Nordgren was released less than three weeks after being signed to the Eagles roster in 2006.

Prior to that, he was Vince Young's backup at the University of Texas. You have encouraged us in our mission — to provide quality news and watchdog journalism.

Three years later, her body was found in the same hole when the St. Before "Ali's Pretty Little Lies" it was believed that Courtney was insane.

However, it was revealed she was just misunderstood and framed by Alison.

Today, the ambitious 28-year old is partner in the family energy business, Nordco Inc., and is the founder of Nordco Consulting.

Matt also devotes his time to various charities, primarily his own -- The Leadership Foundation and Gala -- which helps underprivileged children develop character and strength through sports and educational programs.

The blatant sensationalism comes a month after Radar Online’s sister publication tried to peddle the nonsense that the actress and Perry had become “friends with benefits.” We fully expect the gossip mill to link Cox to David Schwimmer next…

confirms the actress is seeing the former athlete-turned-businessman after years of friendship.

lately." and then cracks, "You know I can't tell you! Grasping at straws, the site goes on to say, “On the hit show, Cox and Le Blanc were friends, but she married his roommate, Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry.Now, there are rumors the couple could be dating each other more than a decade after the show ended.” Of course, there weren’t any dating “rumors” or “claims” until Radar Online decided to make them up.Nordgren, it appears, is holding in his right hand, a water bottle and cell phone., "We've hung out," in addition to commenting on their friendship. She’s in a great place, she’s thinking clear and working hard and meeting with all the right people,” he continued.Courtney was the "good" twin, sweet and sympathetic.


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