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Basically, it’s just your parents introducing you to someone.

In other instances, arranged marriage refers to a situation where parents arrange the marriage of their (adult) children without their involvement. On the day that the groom and his entourage are coming, the bride’s house is filled with people frantically making the house spotless.

See how long it takes your date to stop talking about a funny Tumblr and to realize that you want him or her to kiss you. Every time your bodies collide, you have the option of kissing, but you're not sure what "the vibe" is, so instead you opt for kind of a weird hug. Every time one of you suggests a time that the other can't do, cut a little piece of your clothes off.

Go for a walk along the river and discuss how much you hate James Franco with your date, James Franco.

Indira Lakshmanan is the Newmark Foundation chair in journalism ethics at the Poynter Institute.

She’s also a columnist for The Boston Globe who’s reported from Washington and more than 80 countries for newspapers, a wire service, television and radio.

Have one person start in Montreal and one person start in Pittsburgh. When you get there, take in the view and worry that this whole plan was way too romantic for a first date. Allow the visitors to approach you one at a time and attempt to engage in small talk about work while you subtly hint that you're on a date and want to be left alone. Go on a date with the other person's impersonator. You are allowed to do absolutely anything inside this bag, but you choose to talk about how many siblings you both have. Realize two weeks later that it's actually a dried fig. At intermission, inform the actors that , in fact, are the ones on a date. After you both stand there for five minutes without catching the bartender's attention, start waving around a ten-dollar bill while miming drinking.

Poke your nose into every corner of Permafrost Port and interrogate the villagers about their island stories before you start exploring outside of the village walls.As Fahrenthold proved after talking to Trump and his associates about the family’s supposed charitable giving, you learn a lot more by letting people tell their stories, full of holes as they may be.Just be sure you have the goods to prove them wrong if they’re lying. Married life has been amazing and although I know y’all are going to tell me that I’m just in the honeymoon period – that’s fine! Getting married also means that I can tell you all about the nuances of Muslim ‘dating’ and marriage and relationships in general.Keep in mind that I’m just telling you about the more cultural Muslims – but many will have conventional relationships as well.I asked The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, who won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for national reporting for bird-dogging and fact-checking Trump’s specious claims of charitable giving, to share his best practices.


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