Php script for validating forms

Many of its expert features you'll never find in other form generators or classes!

Be sure to check the examples and the tour at least - these cover Google Maps coordinate picker, built-in re Captcha validation, dependency validation and more! Because it helps you to build safe and useable forms easily without hassles.

That's because we are using the "redirect-after-POST" technique as illustrated here: This is explained in more detail in our CAPTCHA article.

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I'll take it up a level and re-write that script using the if, else conditional and empty() function to include form validation.If yes, the value of the $fname variable would be sent to the recipients email.If the box is empty the $fname variable is set to NULL and the user sees the message "please fill out your first name" followed by a line break . empty($_POST['comments']))else $recipient = "[email protected]"; $subject = "Form Feedback"; $mailheaders = "Reply-to: $_POST[email]"; //send the mail mail($recipient, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders); ?Naturally there's much, much more in Clonefish - make sure you take the tour and check the examples!Once you have an HTML form up and running, you will often want to make sure that all the important fields are filled in.All possible entrances and exits on the perimeter are guarded day and night by trigger happy sentries who prefer to shoot first and never ask questions.


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