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For the "Becoming Sweetie" project (PDF of detailed report), Terre de Homme paired with, an activist group that campaigns on international issues from corruption to poverty to climate change.

Receive help right where you are with a licensed and professional counselor.

On Monday, it announced that it would hand over video footage of the interactions to international police organization Interpol.

Sweetie first interacted with the potential predators in public chat rooms.

"It's not crazy that the FBI director cares about personal security as well," he added.

"If you go into any government office, we all have our little camera things that sit on top of the screen, they all have a little lid that closes down on them.

In truth, they were talking to an incredibly realistic-looking computer-generated child.

Can brain scans be used to reveal what really goes on in our minds?You do that so people who do not have authority don't look at you.I think that's a good thing."That the FBI's director covers his cams may be a surprise to some, just as it was when people spotted Mark Zuckerberg's webcam tape-over in a photo of his Facebook desk this spring.Therapists listed here are professionally trained, hold degrees, and are licensed to help you.Sometimes, it is not always practical or possible to meet a therapist in person for face-to-face counseling."Sweetie" is the creation of Dutch children's rights organization Terre des Hommes.


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